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About Norman's Expert Tree Care

With 25 years of experience in the industry Norman's Expert Tree Care is able to offer a wide variety of tree services for our customers. From fine pruning to hazardous removals, we follow proper industry standards to get the job done. We  strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and we look forward to serving you. Call (970)457-7005 today to schedule your free estimate.


Our Staff


Our company is currently family owned and operated. Amanda and Norman work together to provide the best possible service.


Amanda (office manager, co-owner) handles the phone calls, scheduling, invoices and most forms of communication. She does her best to offer excellent customer service in a timely and professional manner.

Norman (co-owner, arborist) handles the estimates and the tree work provided. He works hard to provide services of the highest standards following proper industry standards.

Norman's Why


"I enjoy the physical and mental challenge of my work. I love walking up to a complex situation and being able to handle it safely and efficiently. The best part of my work however, is to have customers come up at the end of the job, smiling from ear to ear, truly happy with their trees."

Amanda's Why 


"Every day I get to take on running a business and enjoying time with my family. I truly enjoy being able to have the best of both worlds. I have a wonderful teammate and partner that I get to work with in our company daily. Then I get to turn around and raise our kiddos with the same work ethic and team member mentality.

The other wonderful thing about my job is getting to talk with new people on a daily basis. I truly enjoy being able to bring a sense of reassurance to our customers who just want their trees taken care of."

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